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Richmond neighborhoods are rich with history, diverse architecture, beautiful lawns and colorful gardens. The Manchester Gardening team truly loves the neighborhoods in which we work. We confer with our clients to determine what best suits them and depending on how involved they want to be, we can fulfill most all of their needs.

Landscape Design and Installation: 
What could be more exciting than the addition of new plants to the garden? Our team can work with an existing plan or assist you in creating one.  We particularly enjoy renovating the grounds of established yards. Nothing is more satisfying than watching the transformation from tired and overgrown to fresh and lovely.  Design can include the addition of new planting areas or simply the renovation of existing beds and gardens.

While it can be an extensive project, landscaping can also be something as simple as the addition of a small herb garden or the replacement or addition of a tree.

Hard Scape:  While the plants certainly are integral to the garden so are the non-plant items. Who hasn’t enjoyed meandering along a stepping stone path weaving through the garden? Or, breaking bread with friends while relaxing on a flagstone patio surrounded with beautiful plantings. The imagination is the limit when pondering hard scape additions to the garden. A simple boulder can elevate the ordinary into extraordinary.

Grounds Maintenance:  Customized plans designed to provide optimum care for your outdoor spaces.  Services include but are not limited to:  bed care (weeding, mulching, edging, leaf removal), turf care (mowing, edging, leaf removal, aerating, over seeding, fertilization), care of ornamental shrubs and perennials (pruning, dead heading, fertilizing), installation of annuals, container plantings

Project Work can include (the stuff that we never get around to doing):  Leaf removal, mulching, natural area grooming (removing volunteer undergrowth, Virginia creeper and whatever else the birds have graciously deposited), removing overzealous groundcovers such as English Ivy and Vinca Major, sod installation. 

Containers, Planters and Raised Gardens are a quick an easy way to spruce up your landscape or garden in small spaces such as urban backyards or condiminum patios. Our talented team excels at creating eye catching combinations to suit every season. Our custom crafted raised beds enable you to eat fresh (and locally) all summer long.